The Kissed By A Muse Trilogy

The Kissed By A Muse Trilogy
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
The Kissed By A Muse Trilogy
by S.K. Munt
Published by Amazon Digital Services
Genres: Mythology & Folk Tales, New Adult & College, Romance

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Hunter Marks and Ryan Weaver have grown up together, convinced that one day they'll front one of the biggest bands in the history of music and live forever as Gods. And if the muse of music has anything to do with it, one of them will go on to do exactly that… but only one. And only so long as she doesn't fall in love with the other one first.
Muses are supposed to make dreams come true, but they're nymphs, not angels, and if the muse of the written word has anything to do with it, Calliope is not only going to fail, but she's going to die trying.
Rock 'N Roll is supposed to be about sex and drugs, but when love, friendship and a curse get drawn into the mix, hearts will be broken. Sexy, sentimental and sinfully wicked, The Kissed By A Muse Trilogy is a truly original romance that will have you humming all over.

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I find it absolutely fitting that the first book reviewed happens to be this one.  This trilogy is about the muses mentioned in greek mythology. The 2nd and 3rd books are about a book blogger and the muse Imogen who is the muse of writing. This inspired me to go back into blogging. Thus this blog has begun.

As this is a trilogy, it is made up of three different books. Normally, I would review each book. But, part of the challenge was to read a trilogy. So, all in one, here it is.

The first book had me totally hooked.It is about the muse of music Calliope set in modern day. Callie grows up a normal girl in an Australian town. She falls in love with her two best friends growing up. She finds out later that she is a muse. I love Callie’s human character and I have a hard time choosing between Ryan and Hunter. They are both book-boyfriend worthy.

The second two books in the series follow Leigh, a book blogger who falls in love with her book boyfriend. I loved quirky Leigh and related to her right away. She gets lost in books as I do. Unfortunately, I spent most of the second book wondering how this was connected to the first book, and that wonder kept sitting there in the back of my mind being annoying. However, the connection eventually gets made and I was able to relax.

The third book, in my opinion fell a little short of the first two. I had been riveted with it’s prequels, but, found my mind wandering throughout the last. I still loved the characters and wanted to find out what happened to them. But, it didn’t seem to flow as well for me like the rest did. Don’t get my wrong. I still enjoyed it, I just was able to put it down, if you know what I mean.

Had all three books been as riveting as the first two, I would have given this trilogy a 5 star rating.



About S.K. Munt

I write BIG stories and thrive on drama, passion, heat and above all else, sentimentality. I have a thing for love-triangles and though my love scenes could be classified as erotica, there is so much more to my stories than the romance, and that you can count on! I love writing from all perspectives and alternating characters, male and female, and I love slipping in plot twists you won’t see coming!

Thank you for the time you invest in reading my novels, and I hope I can make it worth your while and a smile 🙂

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