The Twelve-Step Plan

The Twelve-Step PlanThe Twelve-Step Plan
by Erin Brady
Published by Price Publishing
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction
Pages: 259
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Dr. Sadie Rollins is a well-respected college professor with a serious obsession. She’s in love with a pop star who doesn't even know she exists. It’s the kind of obsession that keeps her up at night. The kind that has her friends and family seeking medical help for her. But it’s the kind that Sadie knows she has to get out her system before it takes over her life. So, how can she do that? Believing that it will turn her dull, boring life into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Sadie throws caution to the wind and decides to follow her very own 12-Step Plan that she is convinced will lead her to love in the limelight. The question is, will the plan lead her to the love of her life, or would she have been better off just enjoying the fantasy from afar?

Also by this author: The Shopping Swap

Erin Brady is quickly becoming an author favorite for me. She is witty and fun in her creative writing style. Since Chick Lit is a genre I enjoy, it was no surprise that I would like this book of hers as well.

I’ll be honest, I did prefer the The Shopping Swap to the Twelve-Step Plan. Mainly because I had a hard time connecting to the main character in this book at first. I am not the type to freak out over celebrities. I do sometimes get speechless when I meet them, but, I’m not one to obsess over any of them. So, for her to risk her career over one, well, I just couldn’t get on board. But, her shenanigans are hilarious and I laughed out loud quite a few times. Once I was past the not relating part, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.



About Erin Brady

Erin Brady is a self-confessed romantic comedy addict who hopes to never find a cure. She spends countless hours re-reading Pride and Prejudice and admits to never getting tired of Darcy’s britches. She loves watching rom-com movies because, when it comes down to it, she can’t get enough of the “girl meets boy and falls in love” stories. Most importantly, she loves to laugh and finds humor in everything from washing dishes to singing karaoke off key!

Ms. Brady writes chick lit novels and enjoys every minute of it. All of her novels follow the lives of women who, mindfully or not, end up pursuing their dreams while making mistakes and learning to laugh (and fall in love) along the way. Erin admits that her inspiration for her characters often comes from her own circle of friends, despite her friends’ protests otherwise.

Currently, Erin Brady has published five novels: And The Winner Is, Shopping Swap, Holiday Gig, One Last Blind Date, Twelve-Step Plan. Another book, Into the Amish, is set to be released end of June 2016.

For the record, Ms. Brady acknowledges her obsession with celebrities, chocolate, Spanxs and designer shoes. She spent the better part of her life single and looking for love. She’s finally happily married to her Prince Charming but it took her a while (and the kissing of plenty a frog) to get there.

Last but not least, she has several subscriptions to tabloid magazines but mostly under different names although she claims she isn’t afraid to admit it.


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