Salt Bride: A Georgian Historical Romance

Salt Bride: A Georgian Historical RomanceSalt Bride: A Georgian Historical Romance
by Lucinda Brant
Published by Sprigleaf
Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Pages: 316

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When the Earl of Salt Hendon marries squire's daughter Jane Despard, Society is aghast. But Jane and Lord Salt share a secret past of mistrust, heartache and misery. Four years on, they are forced into a marriage neither wants; the Earl to honor a dying man's wish; Jane to save her stepbrother from financial ruin. Beautiful inside and out, the patient and ever optimistic Jane believes love conquers all; the Earl will take some convincing. Enter Diana St. John, who has been living in a fool's paradise believing she would be the next Countess of Salt Hendon. She will go to extreme lengths, even murder, to hold the Earl's attention. Can the newlyweds overcome past prejudices and sinister opposition to fall in love all over again?

Ok, historical romance is not my go-to genre. I often have a hard time getting into the story for several reasons. First, I often find that the author gets more involved in the romance instead of the history and I just don’t buy it. I need to feel like I’m back in time, and many authors just don’t capture that for me. Second, I have read some really cheesy ones. Like the stuff that you hear about when people make fun of romance novels.

This book is not one of the books mentioned above. This book is awesome. First, it is clear that Lucinda Brant has some knowledge of the time that she is writing about. I actually found myself looking up some of the terms that she used, because they were relevant to that time period and not relevant to today. I got thoroughly consumed in the time period as I read.

The book was so not cheesy. Brant has a style of writing that grabs you from the beginning. The characters are well thought out and have a lot of depth. I felt like I knew them all. I loved the plot and pretty much couldn’t put the book down.

I look forward to reading the next one in the series.


About Lucinda Brant

LUCINDA BRANT is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Georgian historical romances & mysteries. Her novels are described as from ‘the Golden Age of romance with a modern voice’, and ‘heart wrenching drama with a happily ever after’.
Lucinda lives in the 18th Century most days (heaven!). Her guilty pleasure is Pinterest where you can visualize Lucinda’s Georgian world & her novels

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