Book Tour “Blood Rain”

Book Tour “Blood Rain”

Book Tour “Blood Rain”Blood Rain
by Nancy Gray

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The blood wings have attacked once again. The batlike monsters swoop down on treetop villages and suck the blood out of any unfortunates they can find.
Mercy of Mind, a young woman in one such village, is training to be a shaman. Although Mercy’s new healing abilities save a life after the fight, her father, the chieftain, is apathetic. Mercy knows he wishes the blood wings had taken her, instead of her brother, when they attacked one year ago.
But when a storm of blood envelops the village, Mercy’s father gives her an important task. She needs to find out who would dare practice the ancient blood magic. Mercy barely escapes her village’s land with her life. Frenzied blood wings kill her mount and nearly kill her—before two strangers rescue her.
The men, Pyron and Beryl, also want to find the answer to the mystery of the blood rain. Mercy allies herself with the two, but soon realizes they are hiding deadly secrets. She, along with her new companion, Erebus, must get to the bottom of a political conspiracy. In a land of death, destruction, and the darkest magic, whom can she trust?

About Nancy Gray

Nancy Gray lives in West Columbia, SC, with her husband, two daughters, and two crazy cats. She attended college at the University of South Carolina and attained a BA in Media Arts with a cognate in English. Her original career was as a graphic designer but writing is her calling. Her favorite genres to write are horror, fantasy (particularly young adult), steampunk, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and occasionally light science fiction (space opera). Many of her short stories and novels also blur the lines of genre fiction. Nancy is an avid reader and also enjoys drawing, video games, and table top role playing games. She also enjoys anime and manga.


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